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One of our goals is to integrate as much power into Nice Translator as possible, while leaving it sleek and uncluttered. We’ll be keeping this page updated with information about the Tips ‘N Tricks hiding under Nice Translator’s hood. If you have suggestions for a simple but powerful feature, feel free to comment below. :)

Done with your translation? Hit the Escape key

If you’re all done with your current translation and want to move on to the next quickly, just hit the ‘Esc’ key while your cursor is in the input box. You’ll have a clean slate to start from in no time.

Translate Even Faster using Scripted URLs

Nice Translator is fast, but using a scripted URL, you can get to your translations even faster. Nice Translator takes the following parameters from its URL:
t or txt - the text you'd like translated
trs - the translators that will open automatically; a list of comma separated language codes
src - the translation source language to be used; a single language code
nws - set this to 'no', 'n' or '0' if you do not want the news to be displayed

If you have been to Nice Translator before and do not specify any translators, it will use the last translators that you had open. If you haven’t been to NT before and don’t specify any, it will add an English translator by default. Here are some examples:<br/>(last time I was at NT, we had English, French and Russian translators open)
(last time I was at NT, I had English, French and Russian translators open),de,pt,de,pt

Firefox Users: Use Scripted URLs & Keywords to make NT even faster

On my computer, using Firefox, all I need to type to translate the phrase ‘hello friend’ from Nice Translator is: ‘nt hello friend’. It even translates right into the languages I’m slowly learning. Here’s how you set it up:

First, bookmark Nice Translator. Then go to Bookmarks -> Recently Bookmarked -> Right-click on the NiceTranslator Bookmark -> Go to Properties. In this screen, set:
Keyword: nt

Of course, change trs such that it transltes into the languages you’d like, and the keyword to whatever you’d like it to be. The critical part is t=%s. Here’s how mine looks:

Settings I use to get translations from Nice Translator super-fast.

Settings I use to get translations from Nice Translator super-fast.

You know all there is to know

Well, that’s it for now! But we’re working everyday to make Nice Translator simpler and more powerful to use, so keep an eye on our update-list and please let us know if you have any great ideas you’d like us to integrate into Nice Translator.

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